This blog collects thoughts about beauty and curatorial experiments which I occasionally conduct.

    After years of trying. I still have not found satisfying answers to fundamental questions relating to beauty and the aesthetic experience. So I keep pursuing them. For many years I did so by building temporary experimental museums, curating art exhibits and devising frames and frameworks. I believed, and to some extent I still do, that we live in the age of the frame, not of content. Now I am shifting my interests to the everyday experience of beauty. The frames I am interested in are no longer inside a museum, but nature itself. Ronald Lewis Facchinetti

Network Art Museums. A Book by Ronald Lewis Facchinetti

  Citing examples from dozens of curatorial experiments he conducted throughout the last decade, the author presents a strong case for changing the way we design contemporary art museums. No longer confined to a physical building, the Network Art Museum is as atomized as its contents; it is also as connected as its audience. A … Continue reading


Design Week 2014: the VAN POD portable museum

  Art Pod and Vanmoof join forces to present the first entire mobile and geo-localized art museum.  During the 2014 Design week The main museum hub is at the Fabbrica del Vapore. For more information go to the Art Pod facebook page

The smallest art museums in the world

Art Pod exhibits its installations in miniature museums. It collaborates with ambitious architects to present innovative museum concepts for its collections.  The miniature museums are placed at leading art galleries and concept stores. For additional information go to artpod.it.  

“La Dolce Beta”. Testing a new form of network art on the Italian Riviera

This summer on the Italian Riviera Ligure we beta test Art Pod, a curatorial format that integrates art, jewelry and mobile social networking. At the Cerruti Arte Santa Margherita gallery we present our first collection of wearable art boxes designed by ContainerArt founder, Ronald Lewis Facchinetti. We also introduce our social discovery Iphone App that … Continue reading

Call for Artists: ContainerArt Vancouver 2012

Glad to announce the 2012 Vancouver ContainerArt temporary museum at the PNE in partnership with Metro Port Vancouver. All artists interested in applying, go to http://www.allianceforarts.com/call-for-artists/2012-pne-containerart-calls-artists.

Colpo D’Occhio @ Kunstart

At Kunstart 2012, The Aesthetoscope brought two guns. One for the winning image of the the Glocal Rookie award, and one placed at our stand, in front of a photograph of  Alessia de Montis. Comments from the live blog on twitter.com/colpodocchio Notice the simmetry between shooter and shootee here…. At the Aesthetoscope area a photograph of Alessia De … Continue reading

Embedding a ritual in a frame: The Art Pod Museum Collection

Kunstart, the contemporary art fair taking place in Bolzano from March 16th to March 18th has been chosen by Ronald Lewis Facchinetti to present the first Art Pod museum collection.  Eight  installations will be showcased by the Italian artists Nicola Civiero, Alessia De Montis, NicolaEvangelisti, Franca Giovanrosa, Riccardo Murelli, Joykix, Kilohertz and Vittorio Valente. Strict … Continue reading


Box Shock transforms a Self Storage facility into a maze of contemporary art: a Mazeum. A museological concept pioneered in 2004 and now at its third edition meant to ehance the aethetic experience of installations by integrating them into a maze of color and boxes. Box Shock Forli involves 57 artists selected by the curator Gabriele Zelli. … Continue reading

Colpo d’Occhio art inaugural shooting event @ step09

At the Milano Step09 art fair we tested a new iconoclastic curatorial format. It is all about destroying images, but not those in front of you: Colpo d’Occhio is about shattering images within you.  Viewers practiced on Luca del Pia’s photographs. First they chose the image to shoot at (and they did so following their likes or dislikes), then … Continue reading


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