Embedding a ritual in a frame: The Art Pod Museum Collection

Kunstart, the contemporary art fair taking place in Bolzano from March 16th to March 18th has been chosen by Ronald Lewis Facchinetti to present the first Art Pod museum collection.  Eight  installations will be showcased by the Italian artists Nicola Civiero, Alessia De Montis, NicolaEvangelisti, Franca Giovanrosa, Riccardo Murelli, Joykix, Kilohertz and Vittorio Valente. Strict criteria have been adopted by curators in selecting these artists, specifically: a universality in the underlying questions raised by their work; a genuine commitment to a personal aesthetic, and a visual language which can be expressed through Interstizio framing philosophy.

Art Pod museum pieces connect outer to inner world through a vertical space that is dense with meaning. Each Art Pod is designed so as to embed an opening and closing gesture: an embedded ritual that elevates aesthetic impression into aesthetic experience.  Art Pod protects beauty from the distracted eye and represents the ultimate metaphor of body as frame: spiritual beauty is within, revealed only to those who deserve it.

Where:Kunstart International Art Fair, Bolzano


When: March 16-18, 2012

Additional Info: www.artpod.it


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    copyright: Ronald Lewis Facchinetti
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