“La Dolce Beta”. Testing a new form of network art on the Italian Riviera

This summer on the Italian Riviera Ligure we beta test Art Pod, a curatorial format that integrates art, jewelry and mobile social networking. At the Cerruti Arte Santa Margherita gallery we present our first collection of wearable art boxes designed by ContainerArt founder, Ronald Lewis Facchinetti. We also introduce our social discovery Iphone App that connects all those who wear an Interstizio into a geo localized, social discovery community. Artists that participate in the beta test with their Interstizio-framed  installations are: Nicola Civiero, Nicola Evangelisti, Stefano Fioresi, Franca Giovanrosa, Joykix, Riccardo Murelli, Nicolò Paoli and Vittorio Valente.

The Vernissage is on July 5th, at the art gallery while the model continues its deployment all summer long in Santa Margherita and Portofino. La dolce beta.

invito interstizio cerruti arte santa margheritaYou can keep posted on the Facebook Event page.

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    copyright: Ronald Lewis Facchinetti
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