In 2013 I designed and launched a curatorial format in the guise of a jewelry line. Each Art Pod accessory (ring, bag, bracelet etc.) can accomodate hidden, replaceable art installations. Art Pods are sold at museum shops such as the ones at the Triennale Museum in Milano, and at the Biennale in Venice.

I had an App created to connect each Art Pod owner who can meet and showcase his or her private exhibition. A new way to network through art.

The product displays (which can also be purchased) are arguably the smallest museums in the world. Art Pod allows everybody to become an independent curator.

Art Pod is another example of network art museum: small but atomized and connected. More info at

Optico Art Pod with Valente installation Optico Art Pod with Valente installation Ring Optico Art Pod redrin3 triptico gemello

Nicola Civiero, Collective Depth, Sabrina D’Alessandro, Nicola Evangelisti, Stefano Fioresi, Duilio Forte, Nicolò Paoli, Johnny Pixel, Vittorio Valente

For additional information go to

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