An exhibition format for video-art which I devised and introduced in 2008 in Milano, Turin and Venice. The originating idea was to bring content inside a protected environment and deliver it with logistical ease. Cars are equipped with a windshield plastic molded cover which I had produced for MINI cars. You go in and watch the video, protected from the outside bustle. The cars could be reserved online: video-art at your doorstep. I found this logistical innovation particularly interesting for the history of museums: a museum that comes to visit you, and not the other way around.

This is a fantastic curatorial format. And it proved that it is easier to pay attention to art content in a car than in a museum. We are naturally more attentive when we sit in front of a steering wheel. In that seat, distraction can literally cost you your life.

Ronald Lewis Facchinetti

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    copyright: Ronald Lewis Facchinetti
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