Network Art Museums. A Book by Ronald Lewis Facchinetti

  Citing examples from dozens of curatorial experiments he conducted throughout the last decade, the author presents a strong case for changing the way we design contemporary art museums. No longer confined to a physical building, the Network Art Museum is as atomized as its contents; it is also as connected as its audience. A … Continue reading

Design Week 2014: the VAN POD portable museum

  Art Pod and Vanmoof join forces to present the first entire mobile and geo-localized art museum.  During the 2014 Design week The main museum hub is at the Fabbrica del Vapore. For more information go to the Art Pod facebook page

The smallest art museums in the world

Art Pod exhibits its installations in miniature museums. It collaborates with ambitious architects to present innovative museum concepts for its collections.  The miniature museums are placed at leading art galleries and concept stores. For additional information go to  


    copyright: Ronald Lewis Facchinetti