Network Art Museums. A Book by Ronald Lewis Facchinetti

  Citing examples from dozens of curatorial experiments he conducted throughout the last decade, the author presents a strong case for changing the way we design contemporary art museums. No longer confined to a physical building, the Network Art Museum is as atomized as its contents; it is also as connected as its audience. A … Continue reading

“La Dolce Beta”. Testing a new form of network art on the Italian Riviera

This summer on the Italian Riviera Ligure we beta test Art Pod, a curatorial format that integrates art, jewelry and mobile social networking. At the Cerruti Arte Santa Margherita gallery we present our first collection of wearable art boxes designed by ContainerArt founder, Ronald Lewis Facchinetti. We also introduce our social discovery Iphone App that … Continue reading


    copyright: Ronald Lewis Facchinetti